Download CSR Racing Hack

Hi and welcome, here you can find 100% working hack for game CS Racing. CSR Racing is free to play racing game developed by Boss Alien and Natural Motion. In game you are in role of new player at street which must find place in that city. This game is available for iPhone and Android phones. Single play mode are split in five tiers and each tier have much harder opponents and faster vehicles. Instead of steering and braking controls in traditional racing games, CSR Racing have only timing gear change by taping screen. When you win race then you will get cash and you can spend that cash on car upgrading, on decals or for buying new vehicle from Car Dealer. With Gold in game you can buy special cars and upgrades. In multiplayer mode, CSR racing offers much more ways to spend your money. Here you will have 6 opponents in each room and you must beat all. You will get cards which you can use for fuel, free upgrades, cash, gold etc.



CSR Racing hack features:

  • Add gold and cash to your account
  • Get unlimited gas to your vehicles
  • Hack work on all Windows versions and Mac
  • You will get new updates for this hack
  • Your CSR Racing account is safe and can’t be banned
  • Hack is 100% virus free, you can see virus report here






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Tips and Solutions CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a racing game available for free on iOS and Android. This highly addictive game is very customizable as wildly successful , and Free2Play system that requires the player to wait or pay to replay can be frustrating. Here are some tips and solutions to play indefinitely and have unlimited money and especially gold!


How to fill the gas tank? Use the clock! In CSR Racing to fill your gas tank and then to make new race , you must either spend gold.

To speed things up a bit , go back to the main screen of your iPhone or iPad and go to the settings . Then you have to change the time of the device, for example an hour longer . The game just think that time has passed since your last run and your gas tank is full again! You can then reset the correct time.

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